Democracy International (DI) developed and implemented a quantitative research capacity-building program focused on local research organizations and university research centers that included providing training and hands-on experience in designing surveys, conducting field work, and analyzing results using industry-standard research techniques and approaches. DI partnered with several local institutions and research organizations and developed a core group of professional researchers capable of conducting public opinion surveys and other research projects to provide information to government officials and other stakeholders and to design and implement training programs for field researchers and students. DI’s program also included commissioning specific research products from local survey research firms and research centers, including a study of the performance of suco (local government) councils and collaboration with the Cultural Change Institute at Tufts University to study how cultural values may affect development initiatives. These research activities were designed to complement the capacity-building efforts by providing local groups the opportunity to utilize their new skills and capacity with real-world, hands-on survey projects. DI also designed and implemented training programs for field researchers and students on various topics including women in politics, health studies, and community and cultural values. In total, DI provided technical assistance for 10 national surveys, assistance with 18 sectoral studies, and facilitation of trainings and mentoring sessions to more than 525 local researchers, academics, and NGO activists.