Harnessing the Power of Partnership: CULTIVA and CCI Group’s Success Story
February 2024

2023 was a landmark year for CULTIVA and CCI Group, marking our venture into a strategic partnership that not only redefined our business trajectories but also underscored the power of collaboration in the small business sector. This journey culminated in securing a prestigious $2.5M contract with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for limited English proficiency services, a domain where our synergies shone the brightest.

The Genesis of a Strategic Alliance

CULTIVA’s focus is on fostering economic growth, supporting capacity-building initiatives, and promoting sustainable development globally. Their expertise spans trade facilitation, export promotion, investment promotion, private sector engagement, workforce development, infrastructure development, regulatory reform, and access to finance. With a team experienced in projects across every continent, CULTIVA’s support to the USDA Farm Production and Conservation Mission Area that have operations in the United States, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam, and are generally located in rural communities and touch the lives of a diverse range of individuals was a great fit for the organization’s capabilities. However, the support also demanded specific linguistic capabilities – an area outside our purview. Enter CCI Group, a seasoned player in linguistic services, offering expertise in over 350 languages. This was the juncture where our paths aligned, leading to a partnership that was both complementary and symbiotic.

Combining Strengths for a Competitive Edge

Our strategy hinged on leveraging CCI Group’s extensive experience in linguistic services with CULTIVA’s project management expertise and HUBZone certification. This blend of expertise and credentials created a compelling proposition for the USDA contract, showcasing how small businesses can pool their unique strengths to tackle larger opportunities typically dominated by bigger players.

Tackling Challenges Head-On

The road to success was not without its challenges. Melding two different corporate cultures and operational methodologies required patience, understanding, and a shared vision. Regular strategy sessions and transparent communication became our modus operandi, ensuring that both teams were aligned in their goals and methodologies.

Key Lessons Learned

  1. Synergy is Crucial: The essence of our success lay in the seamless integration of our complementary skills and resources.
  2. Adaptability is Key: Navigating the complex government contracting landscape required us to be adaptable and responsive to changing requirements.
  3. Mutual Respect Drives Success: Respecting each other’s expertise and corporate ethos was fundamental in forging a strong and effective partnership.

Milestones Achieved

Our collaboration has not only been financially rewarding but also instrumental in expanding our service offerings. CCI Group has gained valuable insights into navigating the federal landscape, while CULTIVA has enriched its service spectrum with high-demand linguistic capabilities.

Quotes from the Heart of Our Operation

  • “This partnership exemplifies how strategic collaboration can lead to achieving goals that seemed unattainable for a small business operating solo.” – James Gordon, CEO of CULTIVA Global
  • “CCI Group’s journey with CULTIVA is a testament to the fact that when small businesses unite, the sky’s the limit.” – Indy Vega, President/CEO of CCI Group

Conclusion: A Model for Future Collaborations

As we reflect on a year of remarkable achievement and growth, our story stands as a beacon for other small businesses. It illustrates that through strategic partnerships, the collective strength can indeed be greater than the sum of its parts.


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