The Geotourism Program for Go Blue Central America helped regional communities to improve their market position within the tourism sphere by providing potential visitors with local knowledge of the region’s unique place-based tourism attractions, sites and businesses, and the abundance of authentic experiences offered. The project’s core deliverable was a National Geographic co-branded website that motivated people to visit the region and provide a resource for travel that enhances the benefits from tourism for local people.

The Go Blue project mobilized public action in the region to be part of an interactive platform to tell the stories of their places through the website, select the key messages, attractions, activities, products and experiences that tell the unique stories of the region’s communities and natural wonders. These are now highlighted, interpreted and marketed through the Geotourism website. The Geotourism website not only drives increased visitation to the region, but also attracts the type of visitors most likely to enjoy the cultural and natural experiences of the area and to care about the people and place they are visiting.