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OmniSystems Partners with EnSoftek to Provide DrCloudEHR™, a State-of-the-Art Electronic Health Records Solution in North America, United Kingdom, and the Caribbean

Submitted by: Walter Bates, Director of International Affairs // November 15, 2018

OmniSystems, a SBAIC Member Company, and EnSoftek, Inc.  announced they have entered into a collaborative partnership to provide a cloud based Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution – DrCloudEHR™ an integrated system of care for primary care, behavioral health and human services customers in the US, UK, and the Caribbean regions.

Developed by a team of medical experts/technologists/payers, DRCloudEHR, an innovative and outcome-based state of the art enterprise EHR solution that supports the healthcare system’s growing focus on behavioral health data exchange and coordination of care while mitigating information gaps that could potentially inhibit positive health outcomes making it the preferred solution for current and future Behavioral Health and Human Services market IT needs.

“More than ever, providers are having to prove that whatever they are delivering is worth paying for, and effective services are being provided based on medical necessity while simplifying business workflows, cutting costs and improving quality of services through holistic decision-making and outcome-based care. This burden of proof doesn’t just rest on effective treatment planning and integration of care but requires a secure IT infrastructure that supports compliant tracking and documentation that meets the payer’s requirements,” said Maxine Elliott, Director of Health IT at OmniSystems. “Our’ Health IT division is committed to expanding our capabilities to provide cost-effective, quality solutions for our customers. This partnership will bring together our joint capabilities, intellectual property and subject matter expertise to assist our customers in achieving a truly integrated healthcare system that includes Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse data and services.

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