Greenhouse Gas Assessment and Verification

01/2014 to Ongoing through 3/2019

Program Goal / Need:
The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) mobilizes private capital to help solve critical development challenges. OPIC evaluates the environmental and social impact of project applicants, including the impact of greenhouse gas pollution. The goal of the program is to annually assess and verify the carbon footprint of significant sources in OPIC’s investment portfolio.

Program Description:
OPIC requires an independent consultant to provide technical reviews of OPIC’s greenhouse gas (GHG) Emissions Inventory Report and provide assurance that emission calculation methodologies are consistent with industry good practices. SC&A, Inc. was retained in January 2014 to perform an independent assessment of GHG emissions and provide assurance that OPIC’s GHG Emissions Inventory Report conforms to the agency’s carbon disclosure policy.

Program Results:
SC&A, Inc. completed the assessment and verification of calendar year 2012 emissions. The scope of the 2012 inventory covered direct emissions, most notably from fossil fuel combustion, associated with active projects having a maximum potential-to-emit equal or greater than 25,000 short tons of CO2e per year. “Active” projects are defined as all insurance contracts in force and all guaranty and direct loans with an outstanding principal balance at the end of OPIC’s last fiscal year (i.e., September 30, 2013). Excluded from the scope of the inventory were direct biogenic emissions, refrigerant losses, chemical releases as well as indirect emissions related to purchased electricity, purchased steam or emissions from a project’s construction. In 2012, emission levels were on the order of 10 million tons CO2e, which represents an 81% decrease relative to the 2007 base year. The 2012 GHG Emissions Inventory report and attestation of verification are publicly available (…).