On December 10th, 2018, USAID released its first Acquisition and Assistance (A&A) Strategy. The strategy outlines a series of guiding principles of partnering that support the Journey to Self-Reliance. The comprehensive set of recommendations were developed as a result of extensive consultations, both within USAID and with external partners. More than 250 partners provided input through an external listening tour and over 100 staff participated in four cross-Agency working groups.

To complement and institutionalize the A&A Strategy, USAID is sharing their 52 page Draft Procurement Reform Recommendations Report with their partners to provide input.

The final recommendations will make up the Effective Partnering and Procurement Reform (EPPR) Implementation Plan. The proposed recommendations represent actionable steps toward reforms that align with guiding principles set forth in the A&A Strategy.

SBAIC’s believes the current draft Procurement Reform Recommendations do not support Small Business partners or utilization as strongly as it should.

Therefore SBAIC your input into the draft recommendations needed and can be included by completing the USAID Survey.  Your recommendations on how Small Businesses can help USAID prioritize reform efforts and identify what recommendations should or should not be pursued.

As a part of the comment process, USAID is inviting all SBAIC members to complete a short survey:

Link for Draft Report:  USAID Draft Procurement Reform Recommendations

Link for the Survey:  USAID Survey

USAID request that all input be provided by March 6, 2019.

SBAIC recommend members provide written comments directly to USAID at t3correspondence@USAID.gov

We encourage that all members provide a copy for their response to the SBAIC Procurement Committee so the comments can support the SBAIC recommendation response to USAID.  Please send a copy of your response to  David Snelberger at dsnelbecker@internationaldevelopmentgroup.com