SBAIC encourages SBAIC members to learn from each other. We are proud to share the events below.

November – Gender Transformative Program Design and Evaluation with Tessie Catsambas

December – Storytelling with Data with Andy Krackov

December – Evaluation Planning with Ayesha Boyce

January – Interpersonal Growth for Evaluators with Libby Smith

January – Framework Weaving with Bianca Montrosse-Moorhead

January – Feminist Evaluation with Donna Podems

February – Program Monitoring: The Key to Successful Implementation with Kerry Bruce

February – Being an Evaluator with Donna Podems

February – Polarity Systems Thinking with Wendy Swire

These opportunities balance theory with opportunities for engagement and application. While the courses are online, they are live, and instructor-led, so participants benefit from engagement with the instructor as well as with other participants. The goal is to replicate the engagement of a face to face experience in an online format that can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a strong internet connection!