Supporting USG Agencies Internationally

Jun 26 2018

For over six years, Rumph and Associates have assisted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with its mission to protect America from health, safety, and security threats, both domestic and foreign. In support of the CDC, the company has successfully placed hires in 62 countries across Africa and the Middle East, the Caribbean region, Central and South America, and Asia. Those placements include scientific writer services in South Africa and Thailand; field epidemiology in Kenya and Namibia; communications specialists and strategic information services in Mozambique; laboratory services in Puerto Rico, Sierra Leone and Guinea; shuttle services in Atlanta; logistical services for the CDC Sierra Leone Ebola response effort; and emergency management services world-wide.

Rumph & Associates have also provided public health economics services for the PEPFAR (the Presidents’ Emergency Program for AIDS Relief) program. The scope of the PEPFAR effort is 37 countries and regions in Africa, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. The Rumph team is made up of 20 associates, from various countries, who have completed over 152 trips worldwide. At the beginning of this contract, using the office in Johannesburg as a hub, R&A was able to rapidly deploy our personnel in nine key countries within a week.

R&A has extensive experience with a wide range of services and geographies. The team has demonstrated the ability to quickly establish a presence in a respective country, provide resources, and comply with local laws. In addition, the organization has demonstrated that it can quickly hire and orient new employees to immediately add value to any effort the company is a part of.

For entities that are considering expansion into international business, R&A has outlined the following tips:

  1. Embrace and respect other cultures while consistently communicating and demonstrating your businesses’ culture.  Regardless of the work you may be conducting internationally, or for whom, it is always important to understand local customs and ensure that your company’s culture is represented. As a company, we are always people focused and operate with integrity. Our values are shared with new associates during orientation and are expected to be demonstrated.  Those values, along with the acceptance of local cultural standards, help ensure a seamless integration for the company and its associates.
  2. Adhere to legal and regulatory requirements.  It is important to understand and follow international regulatory requirements.  We engage local subject matter experts to ensure that we comply with all immigration, labor, tax, and other applicable laws. For example, as the party responsible for hiring, it will be your responsibility to learn about immigration requirements. Most often it is best to seek assistance with immigration applications by making use of local immigration subject matter experts who are knowledgeable of local laws and processes.
  3. Quickly establish a presence in country and commence working.   One major factor in being able to successfully conduct business internationally is having the ability to quickly establish a presence and begin performance within a short space of time.  We use our network to identify local representatives who assist us in navigating the local landscape for purposes of establishing relationships, identifying suppliers, recruiting, and setting up operations.
  4. Establish banking relationships that allow you to easily move money.  Building relationships with the proper banks, who understand the nature and requirements of our business and who have the technology to facilitate international transactions that are secure and legitimate, has been essential to our success.  In addition, we open bank accounts in foreign countries and make payments to suppliers and associates when presence is required.
  5. Use of technology and centralized processes.  Our use of technology and centralization of certain processes also contributes to our international success.  We control costs by using voice over Internet protocol services. Our cloud service and secure file sharing systems make for efficient and safe sharing of files, both internally and externally.  Our centralized processes include travel management and onboarding of new employees.

R&A’s organizational structure, systems, policies and processes, and network of partners ensure that services are delivered at a high standard and within the scope of the contracts. Rumph & Associates, P.C., is a fast-growing small, international business, headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, with offices in Huntsville, Alabama; Johannesburg, South Africa; Accra, Ghana; and Arusha, Tanzania. Rumph’s key service areas are business and financial services, governance, risk and compliance, health services, information technology, logistical support, management consulting, small business operational support, and training and technical assistance.