On September 30, 2012, Tai Pedro & Associates, PC (TPA) completed its contract supporting for 51 months the USAID FSO recruitment campaign known as the Development Leadership Initiative, led by the USAID Office of Human Resources (OHR). 

The purpose of Development Leadership Initiative (DLI) contract was to facilitate the assessment of entry-level and mid-career Foreign Service Officer candidates.  Over the life of the DLI-TPA contract, over 3,550 FSO job applicants were contacted, 2,565 of those FSO candidates were assessed, and over 900 new Foreign Service Officers have been hired. 

TPA for USAID provided 1,726 of the 2,565 assessment invitees with travel assistance. In the last three years of the contract, TPA managed most of the FSO candidate reference checking for OHR; TPA completed all assigned reference verification actions: 757.  During the 51-month span, TPA assisted also in various pre-employment tasks so that 785 FSO candidates had initial security clearance-related interviews.