USAID/Tanzania – “Falling Through the Cracks,” Adolescent Girls in Tanzania: Insights from Mtwara. This project involved an overview study on adolescent girls in the Mtwara Region. Interviews were conducted with over 150 individuals in Mtwara and Dar es Salaam, and relevant studies from Tanzania and international literature were reviewed. Six themes on girls emerged from the analysis: economic vulnerability; family structures; adolescent sexuality; the status of health and education services; and girls’ view of their future. Recommendations were proposed focusing on strategic approaches to strengthen girls’ rights.

USAID/Zambia – Economic Growth and Global Food Security Response (GFSR): Strategies for Gender Equity Programming. This project involved providing recommendations for integrating gender into the USAID/Zambia Mission’s Global Food Security Response program. The recommendations presented were derived from background documentation research (secondary research), local interviews and interviews with mission staff.

USAID/Mali – Integrative Initiatives for the Economic Development of Mali: Training in Negotiation and Empowerment for the IICEM Program. This project involved the Training of Trainers (TOT) for the IICEM Program to take place in Mali as part of the efforts to increase the business skills of IICEM Program participants. The training consisted of reinforcing knowledge of participants in leadership and empowerment techniques for adult education programs.