Panagora Group brought its longtime affiliation with SSFP to support Chemonics International as a subcontractor in winning and implementing an extension year. Panagora’s role was to provide strategic leadership to the intensified capacity-building in the final year of the project and help ensure meeting very ambitious benchmarks and deliverables. Working closely with a local subcontractor, Capacity Building Services Group (CBSG), Panagora short-term expatriate and local long- and short-term staff provided strategic assistance in organizational development and work planning, and ongoing implementation and mentoring support. For the first time, the 26 NGOs participated in rapid organizational self-assessments using a highly participatory and appreciative approach to ensure the participation and ownership critical for successful organizational change. Based on the results, a network-wide strengthening plan was prepared which including applied training followed by an innovative mentoring and coaching program. Ten top-performing NGOs received assistance in developing individualized strengthening.