Namibia Online Campaign

07/2011 to 7/2013

Program Goal / Need:
Consumers are increasingly using online sources to learn about destinations and make key travel decisions. To improve reaching potential visitors, MCA-Namibia contracted Solimar International to enhance the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB)’s online marketing activities and identify new global audiences.

Program Description:
Solimar strengthened online communities, penetrated new target markets and drove sales. Innovative use of social media and online advertising complemented enhancements to Namibia’s award winning website and a series of four targeted campaigns utilized best-in-breed platforms to engage new audiences with inspiring content. Solimar provided the NTB with all the tools and institutional capacity necessary to integrate online and social media marketing into the country’s overall marketing strategy.

Program Results:
The primary goal of the campaign was to ensure the NTB has the necessary tools and capacity to combine online marketing activities with their current overall marketing strategy. Specific results include:

Increased quantity and quality of Namibian tourism information
An active community of travelers, media, trade partners, and NTB brand ambassadors communicating actively and positively about Namibia online
New and strengthened trade partnerships to better leverage trade investments in marketing and sales of Namibia
A globally integrated virtual marketing team that is working collaboratively to implement a cohesive online and social media marketing strategy adapted to the local context
Significantly increased worldwide knowledge of Namibia as a tourist destination and increased tourism revenue from additional visitors following the declaration by the Ministry of Tourism to double the number of visitors by 2020.