Program Goal / Need:
Provide flexible and timely support to the then new Government of the Republic of Moldova in five major areas:

  • Support for the concept and technical design and implementation of the eTransformation open government strategy of the GOM
  • Support for the design and reform of judicial administration
  • Support for the Agency for Payments and Interventions in Agriculture (AIPA)
  • Support for the design of new IT systems (NCTS) for the Customs Service
  • Strengthening government communications
  • Fiscal decentralization

The goal of this $2.7 million program was to strengthen the capacity of the new democratic government to achieve results quickly and effectively to ensure its political viability and maintain reform momentum from the MGTCP (see above).

Program Description:
MRGSP was developed to address a diverse range of programmatic areas while also building in flexibility to respond rapidly to the emerging needs of the new democratic government. Highlights of project activities and results include extensive training of judges and court staff in the use of ICMS and revamped court websites; significantly improving the statistical reporting of district and appellate courts and programming their court data into the ICMS-3 version. With regard to the transformative e-Government initiative, MRGSP assisted in the development of all technical concepts and requirements including for: 1) Government-wide Document and Record Management System (DRMS); and 2) Government Electronic Payment Gateway (EPG) and Concept and Technical Requirements for the Registry of Personal Data Holders; MRGSP also developed the technical concept and specifications for the procurements necessary to begin implementation of M-Cloud.

Program Results:
In a period of 19 months, Millennium Partners was able to achieve concrete results in the areas listed above through a flexible and highly responsive approach to a diverse array of GOM needs. A USAID-conducted assessment of the program noted that the GOM was pleased with the “high quality technical assistance and the skills of the consultants and staff provided through the project.” It was also noted that Millennium Partners was able to identify and provide properly skilled international consultants and local national staff in a rapid timeframe in widely diverse areas. Millennium Partners helped create the e-Government Centre and secure a $20 million World Bank loan for the development and roll-out of e-government in Moldova. Millennium Partners Received and “exceptional” rating from USAID which is available on PIPRS.