Jordan Tourism Development II

10/2008 to 9/2013

Program Goal / Need:
Jordan is seen as an oasis of peace and stability in the Middle East, yet it ranked only 64 out of 139 countries on the 2011 World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index—down 11 spots since 2008. While tourism is an integral part of Jordan’s economy—it’s the largest employer and highest generator of foreign investment—there continues to be much room for improvement. The potential for economic and social development stemming from tourism is high in Jordan, particularly because it has such stunning natural landscape, world-class historic and religious sites, and a fascinating cultural heritage. In order to grow and reap greater benefits from tourism, government and private sector investments need to be made in a carefully planned way and Jordan must ensure that tourism development includes quality products and is developed in a responsible manner.

Program Description:
To address this challenge, this project aimed to promote and increase Jordan’s competitiveness as an international tourism destination by establishing the proper institutional and regulatory framework to enable a private sector-driven approach to spur tourism growth while preserving the nation’s historic and natural treasures. Solimar International contributed to the achievement of this solution by assisting Internet marketing activities and contributing to human resource development and tourism product development.

Program Results:

Strengthened mandated institutions by marketing Jordan to international tourism markets through strategic marketing campaigns and e-marketing strategies.

Strengthened capacity at the national level to reform university and college level tourism and hospitality education programs.

Redefined and enhanced the visitor experience and created a new model for heritage site management in the country through regional tourism clusters

Defined tourism themes and circuits, interpretation programs, business models and tenders for concession operations, and action plans for site enhancements.