To improve the management of this ambitious global initiative, Synergy International Systems, Inc. partnered with Abt Associates to design, development, and establish the Feed the Future Monitoring System (FTFMS).  Synergy worked closely with FTF stakeholders to design a single, easy-to-use interface for data collection, compilation, and analysis. FTFMS uses advanced workflow tools to automate reporting, review and authorization of data from implementing partners. Analytical and visualization tools such as Charts, Report Builders, GIS Maps, and Dashboards help FTF decision-makers make informed, evidence-based decisions based on results data in the FTFMS. Missions can generate a Performance Plan and Report (PPR) that aggregates performance data at mission or program level. Finally, the system’s collaboration tools make it easy to communicate best practices and required course corrections to USAID missions and FTF partners.

The FTFMS collects national and project-level data on FTF programs, including activity, output and outcome indicators, narratives, budget data, and status reports. Indicators from relevant population surveys in FTF Focus Countries are also entered in the FTFMS. FTFMS collects this data mainly from implementing partners for all USAID Missions receiving 4.5 Agriculture, 3.1.9 Nutrition, or Food for Peace funding.