From 2003 through 2014, SC&A has performed 175 reviews of waste and material management facilities for CHWMEG, Inc. in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, and Turkey. The reviews include the completion of an audit questionnaire, interviews of relevant federal, state, and local regulatory agency personnel, a site visit, and the preparation of a summary report, which includes an executive summary, the completed questionnaire, various attachments, site photographs and a risk assessment.  The site visit includes a discussion of the questionnaire, a review of relevant facility records, a tour of the site, interviews of key facility staff, and taking at least 20 photographs of the facility and its operations. Specific items that are reviewed include facility compliance, operations, quality assurance and control, records management, training, financial reports, insurance coverage, community involvement, security, hydrogeology, environmental contamination, and incidents (including fires, explosions, and hazardous substances releases).