WebFirst developed a website and indicator management system by which USAID staff can upload data and users can search on various assessments and data. The assessments are an easy-to-read overview of the economic situation of an individual country. With the assessment tool, users can answer questions such as “What is the HIV prevalence rate in Kenya and how does it compare with its peers in the same African region”. Moreover, the assessment takes into account the post-conflict status of the country. WebFirst developed multiple ways to access this data including: Mapping, Comparison Graphs, Time Series Graphs, and Raw Data Downloads in excel.  This is a global site with inputs coming from the World Bank, UN and other NGOs. WebFirst developed the system using a variety of open source tools including LAMP (Linux, apache, MySQL, PHP), FlashMaps, Swiff Charts and other third party components. With the development of an open source solution, WebFirst was able to deliver a highly robust, high quality site at a reasonable price point – with no recurring licensing charges. WebFirst also provided documentation, training of USAID staff, ongoing maintenance and support.  WebFirst continues to host the site on our Linux servers in our secure, SAS 70-compliant data center in Reston, VA The Site also includes:  Assessments that highlight obstacles to or success in economic growth performance for USAID countries and countries affected by conflict, Benchmarking data on economic growth performance and conflict-affected countries, and  a searchable Library of post-conflict and economic growth literature, The Programming for Growth Series of Policy Brief.