MSS, the World Bank, and Synergy worked hand-in-hand to develop the Timor-Leste Social Protection Information System (SPIS) as a single point-of-entry for all MSS data collection focal points in the 13 districts, as well as home office staff who will coordinate payments with the Ministry of Finance.

The SPIS supports collection and verification of beneficiary data in the field, produces distribution lists of beneficiaries, and automates assistance approval, payment tracking and validation. Examples include verification that children are attending school, or that a housing reconstruction applicant is actual owner of the damaged property. An offline version of SPIS will allow users to enter data without an internet connection.

The verification processes help the MSS to ensure that beneficiaries are eligible for the programs they have applied for. Additionally, the SPIS is integrated with the National ID program at the Ministry of Justice to ensure that the identity of the applicants is accurate.  This will prevent ineligible applicants from receiving benefits, and reduce the likelihood of misallocation of social safety net funds.