The SBAIC USAID PTD Partnership Kick-off Session is on October 30th from 10am-12pm at the offices of Tetra Tech, 1320 Courthouse Road, Arlington, VA 22201.

This session is to learn more about the new training program series USAID Professional Development Training Division has envisioned as shared learning opportunities for private sector partners to learn alongside USAID staff, contracting officers and program officers. SBAIC Board members recently met with Stephanie Fugate, Division Chief of USAID’s Professional Development and Training (PDT) within the Office of Acquisition and Assistance (OAA) to discuss this initiative.
As the Acquisition Career Manager (ACM) for USAID, Stephanie also plays a dual role as an Agency Innovation Advocate (AIA) where she collaborates throughout the Agency and in inter-Agency forums to help advance USAID’s mission through workforce development and testing and scaling of innovations in Acquisition and Assistance. PDT works with Contracting/Agreement Officers, Contracting/Agreement Officer’s Representatives, Project/Program Managers and other technical staff in not only proper certification but ensuring that USAID’s Acquisition and Assistance (A&A) staff at headquarters and in the field have the knowledge needed to grow in the A&A field.
Stephanie and her team will present to the membership and discuss how SBAIC and USAID will collaborate on these innovative training initiatives. SBAIC members will have an opportunity to learn about the shared learning opportunities and provide feedback to USAID on the structure and topics of the training programs. We encourage you to attend this special event with Stephanie Fugate and her team to get exclusive information about the upcoming training events.

This is a special member meeting and you are requested to register using the following link: SBAIC/USAID PDT Partnership Kick-off Session

We want to thank our industry partner, Tetra Tech, for providing the meeting space!