SBAIC is pleased to welcome 9 new members at the April 4, 2017 Bi-Monthly Membership Meeting.

SBAIC now has 177 members, 126 of which are Full Members — Full Members are U.S. small businesses with U.S. Government (USG) Agency foreign assistance contract experience. Associate Members are U.S. small businesses (and/or their principal officers) that have contracting experience with USG Agencies or experience in international development, but do not have USG Agency contract experience providing foreign assistance.

New Full Members:

1.                   Info Gain Consulting

2.                   3 e-consulting

3.                   Ed-Space

4.                   Encode Inc

5.                   Eursdale Companies

6.                   Jefferson Solutions

7.                   Linksmedia

8.                   RSR

New Associate Member:

1.       Jade IT Solutions

Also, a special congratulations to Blue Glass Development on being awarded its first USG overseas contract and advancing from an Associate Member to Full Member at SBAIC.