SBAIC is conducting a training and education series for its members. We have received offers from various members who have expressed an interest in offering specific training based on their company’s expertise.

We want to make certain that all members have the opportunity to present their unique training ideas. If you believe that you have a training, and/or know of a training that can benefit the membership, please provide your training proposal by close of business 24 June 2019.

Please provide the following information:
• Name of Company conducting the training
• Subject/Title of Training
• Purpose/Brief Description of the training topic
• All Associated Cost including the price per attendee and the presenter, if necessary
• Maximum Number of Attendees
• Location/Space available if applicable
• Dates of availability

Please note, all suggestions will be considered by the SBAIC Board but all may not be chosen. We look forward to receiving your ideas.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Stacey Lincoln ( or Jasmine Gould, Board Vice Chair (