Nominations for Vice-Chair will be accepted through October 12th and should be sent to SBAIC Secretary, Shelley Spencer.

We are extremely grateful for Ms. Janel Hoppes Poche service to the SBAIC.  For the last three years, Janel served as  Vice-Chair and before that she served as the co-chair of the Membership Committee.    Janel has completed her SBAIC Vice-Chair term and is taking a new position for FHI360 this fall.

SBAIC Executive Committee position vacancy: VICE CHAIR

Seeking Vice Chair to serve on the Executive Committee in a 3-year Board term. The Executive Committee consists of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Vice Chair works very closely which all members of the Executive Committee, which helps to set the strategic direction, operational and legal foundations (as outlined in bylaws), coordinate between committees, organize SBAIC annual work plans, and chair Board and Member meetings.

Vice Chair responsibilities include:

1)  Spearhead strategic planning process for SBAIC:

Lead the annual visioning and messaging exercise for setting SBAIC’s advocacy agenda and committee goals and activities. Help to maintain SBAIC Board focus on achieving its annual advocacy agenda, goals, and activities. Set goals for raising SBAIC impact and profile and oversees associated actions to promote SBAIC’s institutional growth and development with a focus on membership services.

2)  Provide oversight and support to the Communications and Membership Committees:

Participate in committee meetings, support ongoing committee business, ensure committees have resources needed, and ensure SBAIC goal alignment. Help fill vacant co-chair positions rapidly; promote member participation in committee work; and help identify when additional committees and/or subcommittees are needed (i.e., temporary committee for launch of new website).

3) Conduct dialogue with USG agencies with foreign assistance programs in order to advance Advocacy agenda and achievement of goals:

In absence of Chair, meet regularly with relevant USAID Senior Officials; i.e. OSDBU, Front Office (including Agency Counselor), OAA (lead quarterly meeting and attend monthly meetings), Pillar Bureaus, others USAID offices as determined. Meet regularly with other targeted Agencies supporting USG funded foreign assistance programs. Send invites, ensure agenda is set collaboratively before all meetings and take notes, and send follow-up thank you letters and follow-up on action points.

4) Present at Board Meetings and Bi-Monthly Membership Meetings:

Board Meetings held virtually on the last Tuesday of every month at 10:00am; Member Meetings held on the first Tuesday of every month at Integra Partners at 10:00am. Chair leads these meetings; Vice-Chair serves as back-up.

5) Provide guidance and oversight to SBAIC Member Services Coordinator:

Create a clear scope of work and annual work plan for coordinator; hold weekly calls with coordinator to discuss status of to do list and/or any issues that arise; provide guidance and support on activities as needed; monitor progress against annual work plan targets; review and approval of monthly consultant invoices.