Dec 06 2018

SBAIC Outreach Committee Position Vacancy: Co-Chair  

SBAIC is accepting nominations from member companies to fill two (2) vacant co-chair positions in the Outreach Committee.   The Outreach Committee Co-Chair positions are shared between three Board members to maximize opportunities, collaboration and increase impact for SBAIC members. The co-chair position is a three year-term on the SBAIC Board from January 2019 to December 2022.

Nominations and inquiries for the Outreach Committee Co-Chair position can be sent to the SBAIC’s Secretary, Shelley Spencer, or Outreach Committee Co-Chair Jason Roys,

Role of the Outreach Committee Co-Chair(s):  

The Outreach Committee coordinates SBAIC outreach to Congress, the White House, Executive Branch Agencies and other senior-level policy makers. The committee generates outreach materials that convey SBAIC’s message to policy makers and key stakeholders. The committee identifies key SBAIC stakeholders in Congress, the White House, SBA, USAID – and elsewhere (e.g. PSC). The committee manages engagement with these stakeholders to ensure consistent SBAIC messaging, as well as monitors progress to ensure continuous advancement of committee goals.

The Outreach Committee collaborates and supports the SBAIC Executive Committee, Membership Committee, Procurement Committee, and Communications Committee to achieve SBAIC’s strategic goals.

The Outreach Committee  engages policy makers on behalf of SBAIC and supports the efforts of SBAIC members to do the same.

Qualifications of the Outreach Committee Co-Chair are:

• Must be from an organization that qualifies as a full member in good standing of SBAIC
• Experience in serving in an outreach capacity in an organization
• High degree of availability and energy to focus on outreach projects