Jennifer Orford, Founder & CEO, JMO Communications

Andrea Sprockett, Chief Operating Officer, Metrics for Management

Access to reliable health data is crucial for gaining insight into people’s healthcare needs and identifying gaps in service provision. Governments and organizations require effective systems and tools to collect and analyze data to inform decisions around policies and service delivery to meet those needs.

Metrics for Management (M4M) harnesses the power of data to develop easy-to-use, evidence-based performance measures to improve health outcomes and well-being in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). These metrics provide essential information to governments, non-profit organizations, funders, and other partners about the design and implementation of their programming so they can make adjustments and better reach service users.

As M4M’s dedicated communications partner, JMO Communications raises awareness within the global development community about M4M’s offerings and their potential to drive evidence-based decision making. M4M provides an extensive range of tools—like the EquityTool for measuring relative wealth and the Abortion Care Quality Tool for measuring the quality of abortion services in LMICs—that are free, accessible, and compatible with a wide variety of data collection and health information management systems used around the world. These ready-to-use and adaptable tools give program teams powerful resources to collect, analyze, interpret, and use data effectively.

By amplifying the availability and accessibility of M4M’s tools to help program teams routinely assess performance, make adjustments, and implement targeted interventions to optimize health services in LMICs, JMO Communications facilitates a culture of data-driven decision making. Evidence-based decisions lead to higher quality, more accessible healthcare services, ultimately benefiting the people who use them.


About JMO Communications

JMO Communications is an SBA-certified 8(a) socially disadvantaged woman-owned small business with a global track record of success. Our passionate team is composed of 50+ communications and learning experts around the world. Our team has proven success on delivering both large and small projects for US government-funded organizations, United Nations agencies, international non-profits, for-profit private companies, and foundations. Areas of expertise: Data visualization and graphic design; editing and writing; knowledge management; media management; project identity and branding; social media management; strategic communications; training and capacity building; translation and localization; videography, animation, and field-based photography; and website design and development.

About Metrics for Management

Metrics for Management (M4M) is a non-profit organization, created with a vision to establish common metrics in global health, and the tools to apply them, in order to enable governments and NGOs to measure what matters and better serve those in need. M4M designs, promotes, and standardizes performance measures in health service delivery to improve health outcomes and well-being in low- and middle-income countries.

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