PLANATE MANAGEMENT GROUP: Partners in the Global Health Security

Apr 24 2020

Planate Management Group (PMG) is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) engineering firm working in the development space. Our focus is on delivering technical services to provide comprehensive architectural and engineering design solutions, construction management support, and facility planning and programming worldwide. Planate’s core competency resides in our proven ability to build strong partnerships and provide innovative solutions, particularly in complex, difficult, or geographically remote locations. Our team of highly qualified engineering and infrastructure professionals are located across the globe allowing us to respond rapidly to the needs of our clients. Stakeholders in the private and public sector worldwide see Planate as a force multiplier and turn to us for innovative, responsive solutions, and reliable management capabilities.

Planate has extensive experience in the healthcare industry, working with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) in support of its mission to pursue global security and stability. Projects in Afghanistan, Senegal, Albania, and Ukraine required the company to become proficient in the procurement and installation of multiple types of medical equipment and furnishings, making Planate well suited to respond quickly to global health security concerns.

Currently, Planate is using our combined experience in the healthcare industry to directly support the COVID-19 global health crisis. PMG has been asked to develop design criteria for alternate care facilities (ACF) that can treat patients infected with COVID-19 or help with an overflow of standard patients from local hospitals. These facilities are used to provide temporary healthcare services in non-traditional settings to reduce the burden on hospitals and other traditional healthcare facilities. They are constructed by either retrofitting an existing building or by building a temporary field hospital such as a tent or a modular unit.

Planate is also conducting design reviews and deploying Construction Managers (CMs) for the construction of these alternate care facilities. Safety inspections are being conducted to look at the set-up and conditions of the existing and temporary facilities and the utilities that will serve them to ensure compliance for health, life safety, and environmental laws and regulations. When the safety inspections are completed, the ACFs will provide a safe environment for patients affected by the current COVID-19 healthcare emergency.

Planate Management Group provides innovative solutions to some of the most challenging problems facing clients in developed and developing nations worldwide. To learn more about how our team of highly qualified professionals can help you find the right technical solutions to your healthcare facility needs, please visit