The Bureaus of Global Health (GH); Economic Growth, Education, and Environment (E3); and Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance (DCHA) recently announced the YouthPower (YP): Implementation IDIQ award, one of two linked IDIQs comprising USAID’s first dedicated cross-sectoral youth development project: YouthPower. The overall objective of YouthPower is to strengthen local, national, and global youth systems and programs to achieve sustainable positive youth outcomes across multiple sectors including health, education, economic opportunity, peace and security, and democracy, human rights and governance, and to increase youth engagement in development efforts.  Services will support youth programming in a variety of international settings, including conflict, fragile, and crisis-affected environments.
J&A is a sub to Global Communities, one of the six holders for the five-year YP: Implementation IDIQ, effective February 23, 2015. The YP: Implementation IDIQ will cover a range of functions related to the cross-sectoral youth program design, piloting, implementation, scale-up, and capacity development. Activities include but are not limited to: project implementation; capacity development of local partners and stakeholders; management of sub-awards to local stakeholders; design and implementation of cross-sectoral youth assessments, piloting of innovative approaches and documentation of results; implementation of action research and performance evaluations; data collection and monitoring; and training of local stakeholders in cross-sectoral youth project assessment, design, and implementation.
The YP: Implementation IDIQ has a ceiling of $375 million. USAID missions, bureaus and offices may access the mechanism using Request for Task Order Proposals (RFTOP), which will result in competitively awarded task orders.