Greenleaf Integrative Offers COVID-19 Specific Services

Jul 20 2020

Greenleaf Integrative is a consulting company specializing in operational stress mitigation and building individual resilience among leaders, managers, and staff. Up until the current pandemic, we delivered our consulting, facilitation, and training services in-person. We now deliver all our services virtually through established third-party platforms.

In response to client demand, we developed a suite of services to help address the stress workforces are feeling now, specific to COVID-19. These services are informed by Dr. Siddharth Shah, CEO, with his deep experience in times of crisis providing trauma-informed services in the wake of the Indian Ocean tsunami, Kashmir earthquake, hurricanes Rita and Katrina, and mass terror attacks abroad and at home. Dr. Shah’s international work, along with years of work with first responders after the 9/11 attacks, led to the creation of Greenleaf Integrative as a platform to serve helpers, healers, and protectors.

Tactics for Immediate Application

The COVID-19 services most used by our clients include:


Right now, stress and the likelihood of operational breakdowns are high due to COVID-19. Rapid Relief: A Path to Resilience for COVID-19 Stress provides our most effective tactics to reduce stress and decrease the likelihood of operational breakdowns. It is a virtual, live session where we teach employees tactics for immediate application. This 90-minute session, led by an experienced Greenleaf trainer/facilitator, provides a variety of actionable stress reduction options and a list of easily available resources, while allowing time for a live Q&A. We also offer a range of other training options. Greenleaf accommodates staff availability and international time zones. Upon request, Greenleaf records sessions for employees to view on-demand.

Facilitated Team Meetings

In this maze of teleworking and physical distancing requirements, leaders scramble to conduct team meetings by conference call and video. Both “town hall” and team check-ins can stoke fear while triggering conflict through no fault of your own. Using our skilled facilitators, we offer you a solution. Greenleaf’s skilled facilitators lead team meetings and give virtual facilitation guidance to team leaders. We create a safe space for people to share their concerns, experiences, and feelings. We find that expert moderation reduces the risk of unintended consequences and unwelcome surprises.

Situational Coaching

In a pandemic environment, rapid adjustments to work schedules and formats, coupled with an undercurrent of fear and uncertainty over the virus increase stress. This can lead to conflict among staff. Today’s new circumstances also call for new solutions. Designed for those who would benefit from a safe place to ventilate concerns with a stress mitigation expert, situational coaching can provide some much-needed relief to everyone.

Managers and leaders encounter novel challenges and complex dilemmas during this all-encompassing crisis. Greenleaf provides specially directed coaching to enhance wellbeing and performance for leaders responsible for protecting both subordinate staff and the mission. Leadership-support coaching allows interested leaders to have sessions on demand with our coaches, who are skilled in not only performance development, but also wellbeing. These sessions assist leaders in coping with business and workflow issues, leading virtually, maintaining team wellbeing, resilient leadership, operational stress mitigation, and more.

Our coaches readily schedule coaching calls to accommodate time changes. Greenleaf conducts all coaching remotely by phone, video, WhatsApp, FaceTime, or on whatever platform works best for the client.

Greenleaf is now advising clients on using a trauma-informed approach as they plan how they will return to work so that the move back to the office does not inadvertently traumatize employees.

We are poised to partner with you for protection from stress, burnout and trauma.