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Request for Proposals (RFP) # SPC-FFP-01

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November 16, 2020, 17:00 (Vietnam time)

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                     Thi Thanh Mai Hoang, (cc: Peter Vaz,

A description of services requested

Chemonics International Inc., under the USAID/Vietnam Strengthening Provincial Capacity activity, will be issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for qualified organizations to provide support for monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) system implementation. Chemonics anticipates issuing a subcontract to an eligible company or organization (see eligibility specifications below). Such a company or organization could include a private firm, non-profit, civil society organization, or university.

The objective of this assignment is to build human and institutional capacity of the School of Government at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (SOG/UEH) and Startup Vietnam Foundation (SVF) to implement the recommended activities in their MEL system reports to be able to assess outcomes of capacity improvement activities and effect on provincial officials’ performance. The overarching goal of this technical assistance is to assist SOG/UEH and SVF to build up and institutionalize tailored MEL systems which enable them to monitor and evaluate their activities in the most effective, efficient and sustainable way with a view to improving their performance and downstream effect on provincial officials’ performance.

Specific tasks include the following:

  1. Review, update, refine and continue developing operational plan-level indicators, if needed, to better reflect the institutions’ objectives and priorities; support SVF to develop plan-level indicators for its programs to cascade its strategic results framework into programs at the operational level, and develop a full set of performance indicator reference sheets (PIRS) for all selected indicators for the two institutions;
  2. Design data collection and survey instruments, including tools, forms, templates, standard operating procedures, mechanisms, questionnaires, methodologies, and plans;
  3. Work with SOG/UEH and SVF to complete: information communications and technology (ICT) needs assessment, concept development and system design to inform choices regarding the desired ICT platform: selection of off-the-shelf system capable of meeting the design requirements or custom-development to fit the design specifications.
  4. Work with SOG/UEH and SVF to complete functional features testing/development, platform testing, completion, launching, and training for these institutions’ staff on how to use the platform.
  5. Provide a MEL training course, based on the results of the training needs assessment, to include training materials development and training delivery;
  6. Conduct pilot data collection and surveys including client satisfaction and feedback survey, knowledge, attitude, practice (KAP) survey, staff performance survey and other surveys and indicators data collection as per the institutions’ MEL plan, prepare survey and data collection reports and present the findings in the workshop, assess collected data quality and revise data collection tools as needed for the institutions’ regular and frequent use.

To request the RFP, please contact (cc: by November 16, 15:00 (Vietnam time)

The following are the anticipated key dates and deadlines for this procurement. The final dates are subject to change and will be provided with the full RFP to interested parties.

The solicitation process will follow the chronological list of proposal events listed below:

RFP distributed to interested Offerors                                        November 17, 2020

Deadline for written questions                       November 23, 2020

Answers provided to questions/clarifications                            December 1, 2020

Proposal due date                                                                            December 11, 2020, 17:00 (Vietnam time)

Subcontract award (estimated)                                                     December 31, 2020


The purpose of USAID Strengthening Provincial Capacity activity is to improve the capacity and build the sustainability of Vietnamese institutions’ provincial capacity building services so they can provide high quality, relevant interventions addressing capacity gaps, enabling provincial officials to implement and measure economic governance reforms more effectively. For this activity, USAID Strengthening Provincial Capacity is developing and improving MEL systems of two local partner institutions, namely Startup Vietnam Foundation (SVF), a non-profit institution, and School of Government at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (SOG/UEH), an academic institution. The objective of this initiative is to assist SOG/UEH and SVF to build and institutionalize tailored MEL systems which enable them to monitor and evaluate their activities in the most effective, efficient and sustainable way with a view to improving their performance and downstream effect on provincial officials’ performance.


To be eligible for this opportunity, organizations must meet the following requirements:

1.       Companies or organizations, whether for-profit or non-profit, must be legally registered under the laws of Vietnam and meet the requirements of USAID Geographic Code 937

2.       Firms operated as commercial companies or other organizations or enterprises (including nonprofit organizations) in which foreign governments or their agents or agencies have a controlling interest are not eligible as suppliers of commodities and services.

3.       Companies or organizations must have a local presence in Vietnam at the time of proposal submission to be considered eligible.

NAICS code

The NAICS code for this solicitation is 541990