At MIDEGO, we believe in the right to health for all, country ownership and in delivering lasting results. We believe that to own the health development processes, local health professionals must be the ones that learn, apply and show how to deliver quality health services, manage effective health programs and facilities that save lives, and achieve tangible results that develop their country’s health system. We also believe that our job is to help them deliver these services and to aid them in making efficient use of donor and government time and resources. 

Over 800 participants from more than 50 countries have demonstrated the MIDEGO’s “Learn- Apply- Show” approach works.  These are the stories of some participants and how they learn, apply their knowledge and show that effective country-owned results are possible. Their stories are as unique as they are, but their results and the impact they make is common to all.

Dr. Manoj Patki (India) Dr. Patki completed a three-month online program and immediately set to work on his “Child Needs Immunization Program.”  He is committed to working towards reaching the MDG 4 goal (reducing child mortality) by improving immunization coverage among children in India. Within 100 days following completion of the program, Dr. Patki was able to recruit student volunteers from a medical college to conduct a mapping of available health services for mothers and children in the village of Raghunathapalem.  He, along with his team, were able to use available resources for the project through Self Help Groups (SGHs) – village-based micro-finance intermediaries in which members make small savings contributions building enough capital to begin lending. The approach is not new but the application is and Dr. Patki gained support from community leaders and government health staff, to start “Child Needs Immunization Program” which covers an average of 20 Children and 15 mothers every week in rural areas.

Kingsley Pereko (Ghana) Mr. Pereko started a program called “Your Child Your Asset, Monitor and Promote Growth (YCAMPG)” in The University of Cape Coast Hospital postnatal unit and The Cape Coast Metropolitan hospital.  Focusing primarily on child nutrition and growth, the YCAMPG program aims at improving the overall health of 500 Children each month.  The program has developed a database of mothers and children, effectively monitoring and evaluating the progress of the program.  The YCAMPG program holds an outreach camp quarterly for mothers and children under 5 to conduct growth monitoring and to update growth cards.

Paul Lucas Mumba (Tanzania) Since completing his program in2010, Mr. Mumba, a pastor, has mobilized volunteers in his mission to reduce the transmission of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB.  Within the first week, Mr. Mumba recruited and trained 20 volunteers on the prevention of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB.  Those 20 volunteers are now currently working as mentors in his project.  He has conducted a training program called the “war against HIV/AIDS” for 160 participants, mainly pastors, and he just trained 50 more community leaders and is on track to make a big impact.

Dr. Shankar Reddy (India) Dr. Reddy is committed to achieving Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 (reducing child mortality and improving maternal health).  Dr. Reddy completed one of MIDEGO’s programs and then planned to cover 4 villages of Andhra Pradesh, India, focusing on a predominantly tribal village with a population of 1,508.  Within one week following completion of his program, Dr. Reddy met his initial target of supervising 4 deliveries, immunizing 6 children, and conducting 4 neonatal check-ups.  He then met his one month target of reaching 136 infants and children under 5, and 12 pregnant mothers.  Dr. Reddy has now set up a clinic which provides antenatal check-ups, Immunizations, and Institutional deliveries, among other services, and also ensures a quality drug supply.  He has successfully recruited volunteers and trained them on Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (IMNCI).  Due to initial success, Dr. Reddy was able to bring in support from local leaders, government health staff and private medical doctors, enabling the procurement of medical supplies and equipment from government and private health facilities to establish and support his clinic.

MIDEGO’s programs help health professionals rapidly learn, apply and show they can achieve effective results and save more lives. Our clients receive the right amount of information for effective knowledge transfer and training, coaching to apply what they learn, and problem-solving skill for rapid results. The result is that these programs awaken the leader in every health professional and support them as they start to make bigger impact.