Call for Articles

The Communications Committee is reaching out regarding an opportunity to be featured in the upcoming SBAIC External Newsletter. We understand these are challenging times for all of us. SBAIC wants to showcase the innovative and resilient approaches our members are using to pivot and adapt in this new and ever changing environment. The focus headline for the newsletter will be:
Small Businesses – Resilience and Adaptive Management during COVID-19

Please provide articles that demonstrate international development work/projects SBAIC members are performing in this time of COVID-19. For example:

  • How has your organization adapted to programming in a remote environment?
  • How is your organization supporting your clients to ensure continuity of operations?
  • What new or innovative methods/approaches are you using to monitor and measure your project’s impact?
  • What are your experiences and challenges delivering services and products to remote areas without connectivity?

As always, the goal is to show our customers that SBAIC members are innovative, responsive, and possess strong management capabilities in implementing overseas projects.

It is important to provide specific metrics and examples of how your work has an impact on government programs and the international community. The articles should provide tips, ideas, trending topics and industry best practices that focus on recent/current international projects focused around the theme listed above, while highlighting your company’s key service areas.

We strongly encourage your participation in this unique opportunity to showcase your company to the SBAIC community and its extended target audience, USAID, U.S. Department of State, other international agencies and contractors.

The article should be less than 750 words, must include name and title of the author(s), written in APA Style format, and include 1- 2 photo or images with captions.

Due to the publishing and distribution deadlines by the Communications Committee, we respectfully request that you meet the noted deadline.

Deadline to submit article for inclusion in Newsletter: June 22, 2020

We look forward to your participation! Please send your intent to submit and article by email to Stacy Kancijanic, Co-Chair of the Communications Committee at