Millennium Partners, a woman owned small business, is excited to share its vision that e-governance is the leading trend and most essential area of practice for international development work in the 21st Century. “By harnessing digital technology in a transparent and ethical way, we can provide a new approach to development. Digital transformation means more inclusive growth, more effective and responsive governments, and greater opportunities for citizens,” affirms Brian Hannon, CEO of Millennium Partners. Since 2003, Millennium has been implementing digital solutions and e-governance systems for countries around the world. Millennium believes that the implementation of e-governance projects in developing and transitional countries is the future of international development for several reasons:

First, e-governance solutions adopted by countries can provide more efficient and effective services to citizens and businesses that reduce transaction costs and promote greater domestic and foreign investment to spur economic growth.

Second, e-governance solutions, while delivering more efficient services to the public and businesses, reduce opportunities for corruption by disrupting the human contact between public officials and citizens.

Third, e-governance solutions can provide more efficient public services to citizens and business thereby strengthening the legitimacy of governments, nourishing democracy in developing and transition countries.

Fourth, whether e-governance solutions target sectors such as the judiciary with systems that provide greater access to justice and strengthen rule of law, or support sectors such as tax administration, health, and social services, the results are gamechangers. These solutions can improve the quality of ordinary life, build confidence in democratic governance and expand economic opportunities.

Millennium will be strengthening its e-governance practice in the coming year to support new opportunities from e-filing for courts, to smart and secure cities, to encourage business growth and investment via well designed, transparent systems for e-procurement and e-permitting services. We also plan to diversify our focus to include new opportunities in the United States with other US Government agencies and departments focused on digitalization and information technology.

Millennium is currently implementing a $10.9 million e-governance project in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). This project has made major advances in the process of digitalizing government processes despite a challenging and complex political environment. We have developed new software solutions to improve horizontal and vertical interoperability among different levels of government while increasing transparency and accountability. Most recently, the project launched digital solutions to enable the use of e-signatures which will facilitate secure transactions that save time and money for citizens, businesses, and the government.

Millennium firmly believes that e-governance works best when the public is involved. Millennium’s E-Governance Activity is anchored by a strong civil society and private sector role. Citizens are being trained to monitor and report on public procurement processes, and businesses now have online access to streamlined and transparent issuance of crucial construction permits and other services that spur economic growth and investment.

In Ethiopia, Millennium’s justice reform project, the Feteh Activity, is laying the groundwork for a comprehensive IT transformation of the court system that will improve the delivery of justice services to the people. Recently, Feteh provided a Smart Lab for a regional Oromia Supreme Court to begin the work of building the IT capacity of court personnel at all levels and generate awareness of how digital tools can improve access to justice for all, including those most vulnerable and marginalized.

Other Millennium Partners’ projects include the Egypt Economic Courts Activity (under a subcontract to Tetra Tech) where we are providing technical assistance in the development of ICT solutions to improve the efficiency and transparency of Egypt’s economic courts.  Under its Open Justice Project in Moldova, Millennium developed and implemented an integrated case management system (ICMS), which is operating in every Moldovan court. Among its innovative features is a performance dashboard to help courts obtain data in real time to better monitor and improve their performance. These tools have transformed the court system from a paper based manual system to an efficient, transparent and accessible system of justice for all Moldovans.

Millennium Partners’ supports USAID’s digital strategy to improve development outcomes by strengthening government systems and ensuring that citizens have equitable and ready access to services and information. “We know from experience that successful digital transformation requires a comprehensive whole of government approach, a strong regulatory framework, innovation, and an orientation to the public good,” said Brian Hannon, Millennium Partners’ CEO.

Millennium Partners’ e-governance projects are making steady headway in this complex but essential process of bringing digital transformation to countries and improving the lives of their citizens.

About the Author:

Cristina Malai Turturica joined Millennium Partners in August 2022 as Vice President for

Technical Direction and Business Development. With over 25 years of experience advising on

and managing donor-funded legal reform projects in Moldova, Kosovo, and Ukraine, she now

provides program management and technical direction for Millennium Partners’ overseas

projects and assists the home office in business development, communications, and


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