A Reflective Multi-faceted Approach to Africa’s complexities

Nov 12, 2015
By Portals LLC, Omo Igiehon (CEO) and Avinash Ramnanan

Ugandan TV journalist, Nancy Kacungira[1], captures succinctly the dilemma we face when we try to tell “the African story”: “…lumping all 54 countries into a single category just doesn't...

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Kaizen Local Capacity Development (LCD) Program: Progress, Pitfalls, and Potential for USAID Local Solutions in Ethiopia

Nov 12, 2015
By: Tsion Kiros and Danica Gebru

“We are starting to witness less polarization between the Christian and the Muslim societies in Jimma and Argoba largely due to changes in attitudes,” said Mamo Wejega, Program Coordinator at the Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia (the Council...

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Procurement Training Promotes Infrastructure Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Nov 12, 2015
By Phil Green, Green Powered Technology LLC

According to the World Bank, infrastructure is the major limiting factor to economic growth in most African countries and is found to depress business productivity by around 40 percent. Green Powered Technology works with the U.S. Trade and...

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TRADE FACILITATION IN AFRICA: Health, Farmers, Women, and Environment

Nov 12, 2015
Donaldo (Duca) Hart, Ph.D.

The policies and rules governing international trade often appear marginally relevant even to development professionals. As trade facilitation professionals, Duca Consulting International believes that the WTO’s new Trade Facilitation Agreement...

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SBAIC welcomes 6 new members at October 2015 Member Meeting

Oct 23, 2015
Janel Poche, Juarez & Associates (Membership Committee Co-Chair)

SBAIC is pleased to welcome 6 new members at our October 6th...

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Green Powered Technology, LLC Awarded $600M USAID Global Architect‐Engineer Services IDIQ II (A&E II IDIQ)

Oct 9, 2015
Phillip Green, Green Powered Technology

Green Powered Technology, LLC, was awarded a prime contract from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to provide infrastructure services, including engineering design and ...

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SBAIC Member, Trigon Associates, Continues Successful History of Global Engineering with $600 Million USAID Global A/E Services Contract Award

Oct 8, 2015
Lisa F. Cookmeyer, PE – Trigon Associates, llc

Trigon wins $600 Million USAID Global Architect-Engineer Services Contract

Trigon Associates, llc (Trigon), a woman-owned small business and SBAIC member, was recently awarded a global indefinite delivery, indefinite...

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