SBAIC works to augment small business utilization through the following positions:

Procurement reform

SBAIC works to help USAID meet its SB targets as articulated in its 2010 reform agenda, specifically to have SB carry out work representing 5% of all USAID’s program funds  by 2015. SBAIC is very pleased that meeting SB targets is a topline mission indicator for global acquisition funds starting in 2014, a change we have advocated. We will continue to urge USAID to set more ambitious goals in subsequent years aimed at meeting the U.S. government SB goal of 23.5%; to adopt supporting policies such as standard language in RFPs on SB inclusion and full implementation of the WOSB 8(M) program; and issue supporting communications from USAID/W to missions to eliminate unintended confusion between use of SB and local entities.

Washington-based procurements

  • Equal number of SB set aside awards as full and open awards
  • Increase SB threshold to $4M, under which task orders must be set aside for SB holders
  • Ensure SBs remain eligible to compete for work above the SB threshold
  • Allow task orders above $4 million to be set aside for SB
  • Enforce directed contracting under the threshold to SB when there is only one SB IDIQ holder; or limited competition when there are multiple SB holders
Single award procurements
  • Increase the number of SB set aside  procurements
  • Enforce compliance of SB subcontracting plans via track

Overseas procurements

  • Increase the number of SB set-aside procurements

All procurements

  • Meaningful technical assistance roles for SB in addition to short-term designs and evaluations or Washington-based institutional support contracts